Christmas Card Ideas

Snowmen & Candles

Everyone loves the festive season and the giving and receiving of cards. But making your own is so much more personal and something the whole family can enjoy together. 

Encausticart.com made some beautiful examples that we would like to share with you!

Candles are faster to create with the iron than you might imagine! Snowmen are fun characters to make. They can be decorated in so many ways. With Encaustic Art you can start simply and develop as your imagination gets more and more excited. You can also produce the cards in small (or larger) batches.

Get everyone involved and have some Christmas fun long before the big day itself comes.

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Encaustic step-by-step

Use the back of the Encaustic iron to make the shape of the candle.

Scrape away the wax with the scriber, add details with the Encaustic stylus and add snow with white wax and an Encaustic brush.

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Encaustic Art

Encaustic Art
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Encaustic Art

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