continue a course / edit your  profile / visit your account /  go to your inbox

Your Personal Dashboard

Your Personal Dashboard 

Navigate through your Personal Dashboard

1. Click on start in the menu to go to your Personal Dashboard page (make sure you are signed in with your account)

2. Click on My profile   to edit your personal settings

3. Click on My account   to view or change your account information

4. Click on messages  to go to your inbox

5. Click on ask teacher   to send the teacher a message 

6. 'My courses' - courses you have taken, click on one of the courses to continue.

7. 'All courses' - courses you haven't taken, click on a course to view the course content and decide if you want to take the course
Your Profile 

Your Profile
Edit your personal settings

1. Your statics; taken courses - time online - achievements

2. Click on 'edit' to change your personal settings
3. Your biography ( change it in 'edit'

4. Courses you have taken, click on one of them to continue
Your Account 

Your Account

1. Your payment history - courses you have taken

2. Your name and email

3. Contact details EncausticHouse

Your Inbox

Your Inbox
Read/Send a message

1. New message - click to start a new message

2. Add recipient: start with @ and type user name - choose from highlighted results

3. Write your message in the text box

4. Click send when you are ready

5. Your message history

Ask Teacher

Ask Teacher
Send the teacher a message

1. Write your message in the text box (the recipient @EncausticHouse is filled in automatically)

2. Click send when you are ready

One of our teachers will answer your question as soon as possible. 
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