Cycle of Life

Paint your (Encaustic) tree of life!

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There is growth in the spring. Followed bloom. When autumn comes, the leaves fall down from the tree. The tree stops growing, appears almost dead to wake up in spring and blossom again.
A cycle that continues over and over. The roots that are increasingly anchored in the earth.

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Ash Tree

Encaustic Art

There are times when we feel a lot of sadness, loneliness, pain, fear and grief. If we ‘live’ these moments in life, there is room for us to grow, develop and blossom. Let go of everything we no longer need (the autumn releasing its leaves) because it no longer serves us.

The cycle that we have in life is also repeated over and over again. In the meantime, we are becoming increasingly rooted. Stronger. What stage of the cycle are you currently in? How does your tree of life look like? Create your Encaustic tree with wax. It is easy!

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