Encaustic Art BASICS (ENGLISH)

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Encaustic Art Basics - What's in the course?

Encaustic Art Basics - Enjoy your journey

What students say about the course 

  I have been painting with Encaustic for 6-7 years and thought I had a good insight into techniques and possibilities. However, I started to get harder and harder with the inspiration. Initially, I had experienced a fascination for the magical effects that Encaustic creates, now I put higher demands on myself. So really I thought that the BASIC course would be a little too simple, my expectation was that I already knew what was included. That was completely wrong! I really got to learn how colours and waxes work and can be combined to get effects that you want and not just happen. I learned how to remove paint and use the paper handkerchief as a tool. In addition, overpainting with Stylus, it really became a favourite. The joy of painting returned.

  I haven’t done much with the wax lately. I saw so many ideas that I no longer knew where to start. So a full mind instead of clearing my mind. I’ve decided to take the EncausticHouse course to break that through. Am I glad I did this. The course is so well put together for me, mind zero and just follow the videos and explanations, wonderful. Well I thought I had seen all the techniques pass by. But no, in section 2 there is already a technique that is quite a challenge for me.

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